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"आज़मगढ" बनाम "आतंकवाद की नर्सरी'' ??

बहुत पहले 20/09/2008 को ऑरकुट पर आजमगढ़ के बारे में इक परिचर्चा का आगाज मैंने किया था-"आज़मगढ" बनाम" आतंकवाद की नर्सरी'' आप क्या सोचते हैं? मैंने सवाल उठाया कि आजमगढ़ शहर अपनी साहित्य-संस्कृति-शिक्षा के लिए आरंभ से ही मशहूर रहा है. गंगा और घाघरा नदियों के मध्य बसा तमसा नदी के पवन तट पर स्थित आजमगढ़ अनेक ऋषियों की पुण्यभूमि रही है. आजमगढ़ को यह गौरव प्राप्त है की वह राहुल सांस्कृत्यायन, अयोध्या सिंह उपाध्याय' हरिऔध' , मौलाना शिबली नोमानी और कैफी आज़मी जैसे महापुरुषों की जन्म-स्थली रही है........पर आज उसी आजमगढ़ को पूरे देश में "आतंकवाद की नर्सरी'' के रूप में प्रचारित किया जा रहा है....इसके पीछे आप क्या कारण समझते हैं ? अथवा यह आजमगढ़ को बदनाम करने की साजिश है? यह विषय आज भी उतना ही महत्वपूर्ण है, जितना कि कल. इस परिचर्चा में उम्र-जाति-धर्म सभी से परे लोगों ने अपने विचार रखे और आजमगढ़ के प्रति लोगों का नजरिया बदलने पर जोर दिया. इस परिचर्चा को गौर से पढने की कोशिश करेंगें तो कई बिंदु स्वत: स्पष्ट हो जायेंगें !!
20/09/2008 KK Yadava :
"आज़मगढ"बनाम"आतंकवाद की नर्सरी''आप क्या सोचते हैं?
आजमगढ़ शहर अपनी साहित्य-संस्कृति-शिक्षा के लिए आरंभ से ही मशहूर रहा है. गंगा और घाघरा नदियों के मध्य बसा तमसा नदी के पवन तट पर स्थित आजमगढ़ अनेक ऋषियों की पुण्यभूमि रही है. आजमगढ़ को यह गौरव प्राप्त है की वह राहुल सांस्कृत्यायन, अयोध्या सिंह उपाध्याय' हरिऔध' , मौलाना शिबली नोमानी और कैफी आज़मी जैसे महापुरुषों की जन्म-स्थली रही है........पर आज उसी आजमगढ़ को पूरे देश में "आतंकवाद की नर्सरी'' के रूप में प्रचारित किया जा रहा है....इसके पीछे आप क्या कारण समझते हैं ? अथवा यह आजमगढ़ को बदनाम करने की साजिश है ?

22/09/2008 Asif
Azamgarh is looking for JUSTICE
my only question is y? our district have been quoted as the "terror nursery of the eatern UP".
Though this theory is very well known that "not even one of the 5 child of the same parent's carry the same blood group" then
how anyone can quote like this? if someone is guilty/culprist must be punished for the same, not, the whole community/city must be targeted of the same.

The life of innocent citizens is at stake and such irresponsible cover will definitely prevent the real truth from coming out. For the sake of fairness, honesty and the values of our constitution, we need to pursue these cases in their logical direction.

Can we look forward to you, Mr. Prime Minister to make your Government to rise above partisan attitude and unravel the truth behind the blasts which are rocking the country in a painful way?

22/09/2008 Shaurya Jeet
Previously I thought this was the problem of education which is responsible for increasing crime. But now as we see youth who are educated are getting involved into this. The problem lies some where else.

Yesterday I was seeing a televison report where they told that there are a myriad of small and large MADARASSA...where wrong interpretation of Islam is being given to the students. The problem lies there. So the need is to replace those people from there and send learned people of Islam there to give our whole city a correct interpretation of Islam. And save our whole country.

23/09/2008 MeeraTrivedi
Be aware of the politicians
I will say
I will like to warn indian citizens to

Be aware of the politicians who for their own benefit what to talk about the devision of the country they can even sell the country.

For every communal roit there is a politician responsble.

I was born & brought up up to 1980 in Bihar as much communal roit no body has seen it in Azamgarh. & in the root of every communal roit there was a polititicain. I remember in 1967 there was communal roit in Ranchi. Its enquiry repost published 5 years after & teh thing was " K.B. Sahay the ex CM Taxi stand par paise bante dekhe gaye the jahan se danga shuru huva tha"

He was in opposition party. The vote kee rajneety bahut kuch kara rahee hai.

We Hindus & Muslims have lived happily togather like a family.

23/09/2008 MeeraTrivedi
I have seen different countries but 2 things I found the same
1. Student
2. Politicians.

23/09/2008 Rajveer
I believe

there are more than one factor

Young people are being lured by someone known and having trust on that person makes it easy.
I I have seen my cousin since my childhood, who is 3-4 years elder,I would follow his fottstep and seek guidance from him,I would not even realise or doubt on the guidance given by him.

If My easy needs are fulfilled by someone known in terms of Money,then I may not even realise,when did I go out of Track.

Misinterpretation of Religion and creating Bias by some one Known and from other sources.False Idealogies.
Baseline is Religion never Permits to kill anybody,wrong interpretation of Jihad

4.Group Mentality
If one finds 4-5 people known to him indulging an activity which may be illegal,sometimes due to influence indoctrination may not make out what is right and wrong.

23/09/2008 Rajveer
people are generalising Azamgarh which is wrong,but at the same time its a fact that the Link is quite noticeable which is emanating from Azamgarh.

its unfortunate.

but one has to look at the Cause.
give engagement and economic development to Azamgarh and then the empty mind would not wander in the wrong direction.

25/09/2008 KK Yadava
Im waiting for some more response!!

25/09/2008 Ratnesh Kumar
Azamgarh ke logon ko ekjut hokar awaj uthane ki jarurat hai.

25/09/2008 Ratnesh Kumar
Azamgarh ka chehara badlana hoga.

26/09/2008 Asif
look at the Root Cause & do something 4 the CITY
To an extent i agree with Rajeev's idea ke, "but one has to look at the Cause.
give engagement and economic development to Azamgarh and then the empty mind would not wander in the wrong direction".

The image of the CITY is getting destroyed.

01/10/2008 R.S.M. Yadav
I do agree with Asif Ji..The image of Azamgarh is destroying dat to day, but no body is thinking of Azamgarh.

01/10/2008 R.S.M. Yadav
Atank ka na koi jati hoti hai, na Dharma aur na koi Kshhetra.............Atank sirf Atank hai.

02/10/2008 Dinesh
I think we are generalising the issue. Basically the issue is complex in nature.It has got to do with the value system inculcated in young generation by parents,lack of opportunities, poor quality of education, over emphasis on materilaistic aspect of life and some where fanatism. No religion teaches killing. It is matter of tolerance and respecting each other view without compromising on one,s own convictions.

02/10/2008 KK Yadava
Bahut sahi kaha Dinesh ji apne..................!!!

03/10/2008 Rakesh
I agree with Mr. Dinesh. The issue is complex and as Shaurya pointed out, the root cause lies somewhere else. It's just not the poverty or lack of education it seems. But, my concern is that it is not something that happened overnight. It took 15-20 long years to breed the culture and just when the whole media and world is pointing fingers, people are taking note of the situation.

Having born and brought up in Azamgarh, I do realize that if given proper guidance and support the people of the region have enormous potential. Also, some vested interests ignite religious animosity and it gets generalized.

Time is ripe for all intellectuals to brain storm and come up with some initiative or solution. We can no longer blame the administration and government for inefficiencies and hope for things to improve.

Let's hope for a fruitful discussion. However, I have doubts on how much we can achieve through this virtual world unless we have a ground level team.

04/10/2008 Ratnesh Kumar
आजमगढ़ पर आपके विचार पढ़कर अभिभूत हूँ. वाकई शिबली नोमानी और कैफी आज़मी का शहर आज आतंकवाद की नर्सरी के रूप में प्रोजेक्ट किया जा रहा है, देखकर बहुत दुःख होता है. ४० लाख की जनसँख्या में ४ आतंकवादी क्या इसे आतंकवाद की नर्सरी घोषित करने के लिए काफी हैं ......शायद नहीं. वस्तुतः यह सब आगामी चुनाव के चलते किया जा रहा है. राजनेताओं को हर कुछ जाति-धर्म के चश्मों से देखने की आदत होती है, उस पर से मीडिया उनकी हाँ में हाँ मिलाता रहता है. कोई नहीं सोचता कि आम आदमी की क्या सोच है ?

04/10/2008 PRANJAL
HMMM... magar meri ek bat nahi samajh ati ki yaha par koi mujhe ye bata sakta hai ki hamare azamgarh ko koi antakvad ke sath kyo na jode?? poore bharat me pichale 61 saal ke itihaas me aisa hua hai ki kisi ek jile ke itane saare log eksath pakad me aae hon atankvad ke mamale me... shibli nomani, kaifi azmi, rahul sankrityayan all are gone days my frnd... it is sad to say but yes aj ke azamgarh ka chehra atankvad hai... 1988 me paida hue ladke ko pata bhi nahi hota ki kaun the ye log... kyo pata ho?? uske jeewan me kya asar pad jaega agar wo moulana shibli ke baare me janata hai to... atankvad to seedhe seedhe use dara raha hai... ye usse talluk rehta hai... mai azamgarh ka hoon and i do feel humiliated when someone says such things but there is no way out from this... we have to learn to live with this cold blooded humiliation... it's fuckin insulting but it's.... well it's true ma frnd, sadly though

05/10/2008 Dr Singh
aatankwad main to yahi sochta hu ki kuch swarthi logon ke is sanskritik roop se pehchan wale jile ko "terror factory" k roop me newspapers me headlines mil rahi hai...............
ab to hame pehchan aatankwadiyon wale districts ki jati hai kabhi Rahul Sankritiyan, Ayodhya Singh Upadhyay, Kaifi Azami k nam se hoti hai par ab to SIMI and Abu Salem jaise criminal k district k naam se hota hai

05/10/2008 Dinesh
Are we not passing judgement before trial has taken place in court?Is it fair?I am not saying these persons who have caught are innocent.But let the truth come out and investigation completed. Do we recall that blast which had taken two years back in Mumbai, charge sheet has been filed in court against some persons.Now during recent arrests,it is coming out that these persons were connected with the Mumbai blast.So who are culprit -the arrested person now or those persons against whom trial has commenced in court.

Also if you notice,all who have been arrested are young people from Azamgarh and they all belong to 2 or 3 conentrated villages of Azamgarh.So you can imagine one or two of them who are elder to them can have influencing factor especially those who are teenagers.

My request is not to be embarrased with such aberrations.Look around for success stories which are much in no. as compared to such unfortunate incidents. It must make us more determined to prove to the world by our actions that there is much more to Azamgarh than such incidents which give Azamgarh negative publicity.

06/10/2008 R.S.M. Yadav
Problem is with young generation. He dont want 2 recognize the unique things of Azh. If a young person is saying that Shibli Nomani, Rahul etc. r the matter of past, then its surprising...................???

07/10/2008 KK Yadava
To see the comments, it appears that Azamgarhians are very active & very concern for Image of District. Im very thankfull to all of u for ur creaqtive response........but still waiting for some more response.

09/10/2008 Suraj
Madras can become Chennai, Bombay can become Mumbai so jus t change the name when people are pointing by name... just change this to majagarh...where eveyone is indulged in maja...

10/10/2008 Asif
AZAM... ko ATANGHWAD kahne waala khud ATANGHWADI!!
for sure CURIOSITY is needed it's all about the image of our city,but, who care for this??? have we ever thought of it, i do agrees with DINESH, but not with TROJAN or DR did both of u have ever thought of doing something for the CITY, kya kabhi es dard ko mahsoos kiya ke hamara SHAHAR hum se kya kah raha hai, yeh CITY hamari MAAAAAN ke saman hai.kya hum ne kabhi DIL soocha es ke liye kuch karne koo instead of saying,


WAT GOT HAPPEN NOW IT BECAME THE PAST NO ONE CAN CHAGE THE PAST, THE ONLY THING WAT WE DO IS TO brighten our future to PROVE OUR SELVES by doing some constructive things for the city

else all these talkings can't bring any changes for the CITY,

aur yeh sab kuch BAKWAAS hai aghar koi yeh kahta hai ke AZAMGARH atangwaad hai tu woh khud sab se bada ATANGWAADI hai,still judgement didn't came??? then how any one can QUOTE like this?
Yeh sab soochne aur samajhne ke batein hain, it's all about politics nothing else.

Aur Suraj sahab kaash ke aisa hoota ke naam badalne se sab kuch badal jaata...........?

10/10/2008 PRANJAL
hmmmm... still the judgement has not come... are you tryin to suggest sir ki all those people from azamgarh have been framed into these case?? like the crime branch officers have some pesonal animosity with azamgarh or what?? they are framing only people from azamgarh... are agar kewal ilzam hi lagana tha to kisi ko bhi pakada aur ilzaam laga diya... itti tension kyo lenge ki ek hi district ke do char gaon ke logon ko khoj ke unpar ilzam lagaenge... don't u think u r talkin a bit lame...
"MAKE YOUR OWN IMAGE N LET THE PEOPLE TO KNOW U AS WELL FROM UR GOOD DEEDS"... as if we've been commiting some sins till now... ok now u tell me...
i'm a third year student if mechanical engineering... right now i don't have anything and am living outside azamgarh so i can't do anything from azamgarh... but when i get a job it'll surely not be in azamgarh because it simply doesn't have any job for engineers... so i'll be fuckin busy and in such a schedule what can i do other than providing money??
what do u think we can do to improve our city's image haaan?? we can improve our city but we can't improve its image... ham shahar ka infrastructure kewal sudhar sakte hain but can do nothing more than that... antankvad ki nursury nam media ne dia hai and they continue calling us such names if people from our place don't stop tryin to lick osama's ass... do u think there is any way out?? i certainly don't think so mate...

11/10/2008 Vinay
Think Again
I take it as a warning sign for the whole of the country.
If a city like Azamgarh can become terror nursery then no city in the country is safe.

11/10/2008 AmBiTeSh GaUr...
i m really surprise....really amazed to see how a place that has a vast history behind it..has changed so rapidally....but i m telling u very frankly...while studying n shibli national post graduate college,...i experience one thing...
mental level of indiavidual out there was declining...in fact i met some people who dont want to call them as indian ( i dont wanna mention any community here,cos it means "other" for some people)....this is not the face of azamgarh...guys plz do something....i am in mumbai university....i want to do best here...to prove them that azamgarh is not a land of terror....i hope i will succeed...

12/10/2008 Asif
AZAMGARH welcome's those willing 2 do for CITY
If there is a positive thought n no political involvement then the doors r open for people's to come & join us n start thinking of doing some thing better for the CITY, we WELCOME to all who wish to join us for the positive doings n only for the sake of the CITY without any destructing mental.
Our plan is already up for "what we engineers can do for AZAMGARH" so at the same time we WELCOME all of u to come n join us there, that ll be our pleasure.

Our guys r ready to fix a meet by the end of this month or in the beginning of the month, all these details u can find on the FORUM "Engineers from Azamgarh" at the same time we cordially invite EVERY ONE for the same to come n attend the meet to make it more successful & more beneficial for the city.

If all of us can join, then it ll be more easy to take some further steps.

Shall be thankful to all for their kindness

17/10/2008 R.S.M. Yadav
Ishwar ka shukra hai........is samay azamgarh shant hai !!

18/10/2008 KK Yadava
Om shanti...shanti..shanti.

22/10/2008 Jai: ∫‽rξaĐÎnğ

Hi....Its very tough 4 me to decide wether its a nursery for terrorism or nt.... Bt 1 thing I wuld lyk 2 share dat is... I have been in kol for more dan 15 years n nw Um in delhi and before dat was in LKO and even in Azamgarh 4 3 years..... Bt I must say 1 thing dat The image of azamgarh is 2 poor in front of d country.... reasn being the Terrorism..... So its nt just a a matter 4 GOVt to work upon bt also 4 us who stay in d district.... So dat neither anyone from this generation nor from the coming generation can raise dere finger on Azamgarh...

To Bhaiyon

" Aage badho Aawaz Lagao, Terror se Azamgarh ko Mukt karao..."

25/10/2008 KK Yadava
Chaliye Aawaz Laga di...... Terror se Azamgarh ko Mukt karao.

29/10/2008 Asif
tum mujhe SAMARTHAN du main tumhein MUKTI dilaungha

03/11/2008 R.S.M. Yadav
Kya bat kahi hai Asif Bhai ne..........!!

03/11/2008 R.S.M. Yadav
Lijiye hamne bhi Aawaz Laga di...... Terror se Azamgarh ko Mukt karao.

03/11/2008 Sharad
I love to be called azami..
I believe we (from azamgarh) are all azmies.. irrespective of which society we belong.

I would like to say to the ppl of concentric area from where many young people have been arrested. look at the great personalities of azamgarh, some of them are exactly at the same place where you are from and belongs to same religion, They are all indians and azmies. Whats the *problem*. Killing people is not solution. It is against humanity. If there is really something bothering, there are methods to get the judgement, Understand constitution, political system, law system, rights etc. basic needs are same for every one.

एक बात तो मैं िदल से िबसवास करता हूँ लोग स्थान और धर्म से जाने जाते हैं पर आतंकवाद िक्सी से नहीं पहचाना जाता है.

lo maine bhi awaz laga di.. *azamis* ko atankwad se mukt karoo.

08/11/2008 ambhoj
b'coz of few bad men and politicin one c'not raise a finger on azamgarh.

20/11/2008 Ratnesh Kumar
Chaliye bura daur chhuta ....ab shanti hai. Ishwar karen ki azamgarh yun hi shant rahe.

22/11/2008 rahul
who am i?
aj jis mukaam se is samsya ko hum dekh rahe hain, kya kahi hum jimmedar nahi. Apna praroop hume badlana hoga. Nahi to ane wale dino me shayad kuch kahne aur likhne ke liye nahi hoga. Ek paak man vikrit kyu hua, kis condition me ek insan khud se pyar karna chod deta hai. aur ek dusare ko marne liye utaru ho jata hai. Hume vikrit hue man ko samjhana hoga. Ek sahi shikcha ek naya vichar dena hoga. azamgarh atankwad ki nursery ya nahi par hume is college nahi banane dena hai.

24/11/2008 Ratnesh Kumar
@ Rahul
azamgarh atankwad ki nursery ya nahi par hume is college nahi banane dena hai......Nice thought !!

25/11/2008 ॐ v!rendra

azamgarh akhir hindustan me hai aur kisi ko kisi
bhi jagah ko ya kisi religion ko terrorism se nahi jodna chahiye ...maine azamgarh me janm liya delhi main rehta hoon lekin azamgarh ki khusboo abhi bhi aati hai ..lekin abhi bahut kuch zaroor badlna baki hai !!

27/11/2008 Ratnesh Kumar
Nice thought.

20/12/2008 Belal
Azamgarh was never a breeding ground of Terrorists niether it is today. Just listening to one party only is half truth. We have to get the complete knowledge and have to bring it into light.
The Delhi Blast Case inwhich Azamgrh youths were accused is itself under question, and must be send for CBI enquiry, but that is against the Political Interest of some Parties.

25/06/2009 MeeraTrivedi
Just all the journalist do your share.

. 25/06/2009 MeeraTrivedi
One person from MAu wanted to do something for mou
He is CAnadian. HE said he organised a bicycle race to raise the fund. it was becoming big and big then came a politicain he wanted that the inaugeration should be domn by him. So start doing something people wilth good and bith influence will come along with you. Although the Mou Guy told me India men Bina samasya ke samasya kharee ho jatee hai.
For sure if I have done everything then somebody with big name wants him to be honoured then what Can I do?

09/07/2009 pradeep
No azamgarh is now a peacefull place for the person who want to live in the all type of the condition

22/07/2009 Anupriya Rai
Its sad to learn from a young guy that Kaifi Azmi,Allama Shibli Nomani,Rahul Sanskritayan,.....are nothing but just something of the past. If you can't recognise Azamgarh by their name then don't do the same by an arrested small bunch of 'so called terrorist'. Let the investigation get completed.
My personal opinion is that people of Azamgarh are calm and sensible in comparision to other places that are categorised to be sensitive. In my life of two decades I have seen people from different religions living in peace n harmony even when situations in nearby areas were really tensed..... and I actually admire my hometown for this....let everyone realise of this strength.

3 Jan R.S.M. Yadav
Nice discussion going on....

11 Jan shashi
my azamgarh is great town.

14 Jan ⓟⓡⓐⓢⓗⓐⓝⓣ aisa kuch nhi hai,ye sb azamgarh ko badnaam krne k liye kha jata hai,jo log aisa khte hai wo khud jante hai k azamgarh kaisa hai,,shayad wo khud us cheej se jude hai jiske through wo ise badnaam krte hai,,haann ye shi hai kuch log aise ho gaye hai jo aise kaamo ko krte hai,pr isse ye to nhi kha ja skta k azamgarh AATANKWAAD K NARSARY hai,,it's very great city,,i love azamgarh

14 Jan ⓟⓡⓐⓢⓗⓐⓝⓣ
You r right Anupriya ..mai tumahari baaton se manata hu...

3 Feb ᄃIЯᄃЦIƬКIᄂᄂΣЯ Hello....
Main Bhi hun ....Aap bhi ban Jao

Aap negative hi kyo sochate hai? pichale chand dino me pakade gae kuch logo ki badaulat aap AZM ko atankgadh kah rahe hai jabaki salo se AZM kea naam raushan kar rahe logo ke naam pe aap achcha shahar nahi maan rahe. ye to rahul sanskrityayan , kafi azami, shabana nomani, ayodhya prasad, shabana azami, satyadev yadav aadi ke sath bemani hai. thode se galat logo ki vajah se aap itane achche logo ko bhula kar azamgarh ko atankgadh kah rahe hai. sahi kahate hai kisi ko chand me bhi dag dikhata hai aur kisi ko kichad me kamal dikhata hai.

7 Mar JayesH SiηgH
Azamgarh ke log baagi ban sakte hain,bagawat kar sakte hain par kabhi Gadaari nahi kar sakte

7 Mar Vishal singh

8 Mar Chota Rajan
with one more muslim arrested in terror related care, azamgarh has indeed became a nursery for terrorist.I appeal to the people of sanjarpur village to kick out the whole family of these terrorist from the village so that it act as a lesson to them .

8 Mar Chota Rajan
@Jayesh Singh
"Azamgarh ke log baagi ban sakte hain,bagawat kar sakte hain par kabhi Gadaari nahi kar sakte"

Pakistan ja ja ke training le rahe hai azamgarh ke muslims aur aap filmy dialogue bol rahe hai, Gadaari hai yeh terrorist, they have declared war on india.

10 Mar Ajeet singh
azamgarh ko sirf youths hi change kar sakte hai .tasweer badlani hogi azamgarh.only we are responsible for dis>>>>>

11 Mar umme
@ chota rajan
for ur kind infrmation still the case has not been started in court..........n u must know the rule that untill n unless crime is not proved no one has the right to say anyone 'A TERORRIST' .Dont flow with the media use ur own common sense.every time when a person is arrested he is declared mastermind and he is charged fr all the bombblast which has been done before, than what about those people who were arrested at that time???????what politician want, media is doing that but atleast with an azamgari citizen i dnt expect such blunder what u hav said above .....u are seeing what they want to show u.....its my request see frm ur open eyes using ur brain and the truth will be in front of u bcoz kitna bhi chupao sachchai to samne ayegi hi....haan ye alag baat hai ki us sachchai ko media highlight nhn karegi.

2 Apr Chota Rajan
u too seem to be having the same typical muslim mindset of not accepting the fact.
why don't the police arrest u and me then.

3 Apr Vishal singh
rajan jee kya aap ka naam kya hai. agar chota rajan nahin hai use na karen kyonki ye bhee ek crimnal ka naam hai.

to all:

Agar aaj aap sabhi ko azamgarh aisa lag raha hai to azadi ke samay se suru karen aur har samasya per gaur karen.

Kisi bhee society ko badlne ke liye EDUCATION jaroorat hoti hai. Eduacation ke liye dhan ki jaroort hoti hai. Aur azamgarh se jo bhee educate hua usme se 75% logon ka migration bade saheron(mumbai delhi etc.) ki taraf ho gaya.aaj bhee ho raha hai. aur ye sab employment ke liye ho raha hai. Azamgarh agriculture pe depend raha hai. koi industry yaha per hai nahin. Koi important tourist place bhee nahin hai.

TO ye sab ek vicious circle bana hua hai. Kamai kar ke wapas vahi log aaye jinki employment temporary thee. ya fir 60-62 saal ke baad retired life jine ke liye.

3 Apr Chota Rajan
@Vishal Singh yadav

Chota Rajan despite being a criminal has done a lot for the country, he killed nearly 15 people involved in bomb blast and the indian intelligence agencies like RAW use him to hit at out Dawood and ISI agents. Dilshad Beg and many other noted Nepali agents who used to sent nakli notes in india were killed by him.

Regarding education most of the muslim youths involved in terrorism are well educated and computer and internet savvy, so don't be in any elusion. there only maksad is to convert every one to islam. Education is not an issue its there mentality, jis thali mein khao usme hi ched karo.

6 Apr Vishal singh
@ Mr Rajan
you must be knowing that Chota rajan was hench man of dawood. he got away from dawood not because of love for nation or any thing like that. it was known to everybody dawood is smugglar and he was helping and sharing loot with him.
He got away from him because dawood gave more importance to chota sakil and abusalem both run away from india along wid dawood.

you might be knowing that ISI NEVER ever trusted dawood completely. In early days they suspected him as RAW agent. at moment dawood may be under house arrest in pakistan or anywhere else. isi does not want him to spill the beans.

when gawali got away from dawood in late eighty chota rajan was still wid dawood. And to himself from dawood and police he was force to share the so called information.
A criminal is criminal will always remain criminal. again i request u not glorify a criminal.

6 Apr Vishal singh
when muhamad gori attacked prithvi raj chauhan some rajput king named jaichand help him. is it not the example of jis thali mein khaya usee mein ched kiya. take battle of plassy( or other one... )some meerchand help english(outsider) man to win. is it not jis thali mein khaya usee mein ched kiya.

where islam started. who were first follower of islam i think gulf country. in hindustan i think, 90 % of muslim population is generation of converts(cowards). may be more. take case of azamgarh father azams was vikramjit(must be rajput). what does he did married muslim lady got converted to islam.

chek the history may all muslim of azamgarh would be from hindus family.

6 Apr Chota Rajan
@VIShal singh

Rajan seperated from dawood after the blasts and so did 99% of the hindu gangsters except sharad shetty. Before that all were criminals i agree but there was no communal thinking in gangsters, but the blasts were carried out by the muslims in dawood company, the hindus including Rajan were not aware of it.

I will llike to bring it to your notice that nearly 80% of gangsters in mumbai were hindus who worked for dawood.

Privitiraj and ghori's story is 1000 year old now. It has no relevance today. Jaichand was himself a king and he did for personal enmity not what the muslims today are doing staying in hindustan and dreaming of making Islamic Caliphate by joining with terror groups of Pak.

Had Rajan not been there the whole of mumbai underworld today have been controlled by the muslims. Rajan ne na sirf Dubai aur nepal mein dawood ki men ko thoka but mumbai mein uska itna kauf hai ki muslim gangsters uska naam sun ke bhi darte hai

Regarding ISI not trusting dawood, there are nearly 100 commandos in his bungalow and the whole of pakistan nation is protecting dawood. Chota rajan has no such protection in any country. He cannot roam about with armed mens. The mumbai police kills his mens more than dawoods in encounters.

Today Rajan is up against Dawood on his own for nearly 18 years. Dawood has the Al-Qiada, ISI, Pakistani establishment and all other terrorist orgainzation at his disposal for help but Rajan has none

I my view Rajan is a true patriotic and a true darer

In mumbai we call him the true Mard for figthing for the hindus. LOng live the darer.

6 Apr Vishal singh
u should had been worshiping gawali too. Rajan was with dawood. he help dawood to transport bomb material. he was dawood man in mumbai in 1993. and i cannot assume him to too stupid to not to know where to use rdx. to himself save from police and IB he shared some information with law enforcing agencies.




7 Apr Chota Rajan

I think you r diverting from this topic. Whether I like or worship Rajan is my personal choice.

The truth is people of Azamgarh have became terrorist and need to be thought a lesson

7 Apr Vishal singh
to mr rajan
no dear for me dawood and chota rajan are two side of same coin.

And u r telling that azamgarh has become nursery fro terrorist. And by worshiping one crimanal u lose ur right to blame other.

7 Apr Vishal singh
that was reason i have requested u not to glorify criminal.

7 Apr Chota Rajan
@vishal singh

there is a differnce between criminals and terrorist activities. Criminals do crime for money whereas terrorist kill innocent people for political reasons

7 Apr Vishal singh
@ chota rajan
differentiate between criminal, militant and terrorist.

who goes on to become terrorist and who go on to become militant. give the defination you will come to know.

8 Apr Chota Rajan
@VIshal singh

give me the name of a single hindu criminal who went on to became a terorist.

8 Apr Vishal singh
u define the term terrorist and criminal.where u would be drawing the line.define the term militant. your answer is there.

21 Apr Vishal singh
i think u decided to drop your avatar.

28 Apr Chota Rajan
no boss i am not going to change my avatar

1 Aug @#an@nd$@
azamgarh leads in all way.

12 Aug Vishal singh
not in every field.

17 Aug Anuj
The way Muslims are termed terrorists, same way azamgarh is named so. I donot know the solution but anything will take some time.

As far as hindu criminals turning into terrorists is concerened, what are/were Chota Rajan or are people in Dawoods gang? Terrorists and these criminals kill and do crime alike. The difference is that one sits outside and other inside.

Terrorists and criminals have got entry into azamgarh and that is why whenever they need more they come and influence people in azamgarh.


I guess I saw in some other community a dead post regarding what we can do for azamgarh. Why not create a Database of various people in various fields, and others can get mentoring from them and contact them as and when required. This will also show in which fields we are lacking and in which we are doing good.

20 Sep Vishal singh
u r right anu.

20 Sep Nizam
@anuj and vishal singh
I agree with chota rajan to an extend, criminals do crime and kill people but for money. these terrorist muslims have a political agenda, they want to create an islamic state.

20 Sep Nizam
in other words criminals are anti social whereas terrorists are antinational.

27 Sep Dipti
muslims should change there mentality of trying to convert everybody to islam and creatilng khalifat, then only the situation can improve.

27 Sep ●•┼٠·ȺṿїﬡȺﮘⱶſ ┼─
as for as my perception is concerned... i should support the above comment,
because some people feels proud while some people recognize them as minority.
nw, i cnt undrstnd wht the fk is this....after partition the total population of Muslims in india were some 10%, but nw they are contributing 25% in the total population... on the other hand, after partition in pakistan hindus were 23% of the total population but now hindus are contributing only 1.5% in the total population in pakistan...ITS A SHAME FOR THE PEOPLE WHO USE TO SAY THAT HINDUS ARE HUMILIATING AND DOMINATING THEM...why they are killing innocent people when they are getting equal rights."A TERRORISTS" worths nothing more than an obnoxious piece of a fukin crap.

10 Nov eeek
first of all we should know that azamgarh is a small city where people belonging to lower socioeconomic status live .even after suffering from severe poverty they are swabhimani .this tendency is always opposed by unche log .this is a district which have eliminated many social evils by their inner instinct although major population is not educated .castism have been eliminated completely .sex ratio is greater than 1000 ,and development rate of azamgarh is high .according to government and many bhrust people it is a fertile sole for terrorist which is absolutely wrong .i do not say that single terrorist dose not belong to azamgarh but it is true for all over india .azamgarh ko atankvadio ki narsary kahana nichale logo chahe hindu ho ya musalman pure azamgarh aur manavata ke khilaf sharayantra hai.

jai hind sai samajwad

10 Nov Anuj

Agree with you but the words you say are just making it sound better.

Anti-national and anti-social are same. It may be at higher level one operates nationwide and other city wide, or it may be one does it for money and other for political reasons, but it does not make any difference.

Reason behind crime/killing does not make one better than other.

Criminals (like Chota Rajan) and terrorists are threat to sociaety as well as country and should be treated same.


I appreciate your point of view but think on the line "What is the reason behind criminals coming from Azamgarh?" Low status/high status or mentality, does it really matter. They come from all walks, since everyone has their own greed. Even if low people start doing it first, then one has to thik what makes them do so.

16 Nov Dhruv
azamgarh ko atankvaad ki nahi KNOWLEDGEki nursury banana hamara lakshya hai..n we hav already taken steps fr this..as i secured 106th rank in IAS 2008 exam !!

9 टिप्‍पणियां:

  1. इतना खुबसूरत लेखन और वो भी मेरे आजमगढ़ से , अफ़सोस कि मुझे पहले क्यों नहीं पता चला. खैर, बहुत ही अच्छा लगा.

    जो लोग भी आजमगढ़ को अंतकवाद कि नर्सरी कहते हैं, उनको चाहिए कि तुलनात्मक अध्यन करे. फिर किसी नतीजे पर पहुंचे.

    मुझे तो गर्व हैं कि में आजमगढ़ में पैदा हुआ हूँ.

    जवाब देंहटाएं
  2. वाकई जबरदस्त परिचर्चा...आजमगढ़ को लोगों द्वारा बदनाम करना उचित नहीं.

    जवाब देंहटाएं
  3. इस परिचर्चा को गौर से पढने की कोशिश करेंगें तो कई बिंदु स्वत: स्पष्ट हो जायेंगें...वाकई महत्वपूर्ण चर्चा. हमने भी तो भाग लिया था. इसे यहाँ पढ़कर अच्छा लगा.

    जवाब देंहटाएं
  4. सर्वप्रथम तो कृष्ण कुमार यादव जी को आजमगढ़ आधारित इस ब्लाग के शुभारम्भ के लिए ढेरों बधाइयाँ. आजमगढ़ में मेरा ननिहाल है, अत: वहां के बारे में जानकर अच्छा लगेगा.

    जवाब देंहटाएं
  5. आपने बड़ा ज्वलंत मुद्दा उठाया है. पिछले दिनों बनारस में जो ब्लास्ट हुआ, उसमें भी बार-बार आजमगढ़ का नाम घसीटा जा रहा है. इस ओर वाकई गंभीरता से सोचने की जरुरत है.

    जवाब देंहटाएं
  6. पर आज उसी आजमगढ़ को पूरे देश में "आतंकवाद की नर्सरी'' के रूप में प्रचारित किया जा रहा है....इसके पीछे आप क्या कारण समझते हैं ? अथवा यह आजमगढ़ को बदनाम करने की साजिश है ?..मुझे तो यह बदनाम करने की साजिश ही लगती है.

    जवाब देंहटाएं
  7. आजमगढ़ की महिमा अपरम्पार....

    जवाब देंहटाएं
  8. ऑरकुट पर तो नहीं, पर यहाँ जरुर पढ़ लिया...बेहद रोचक परिचर्चा.

    जवाब देंहटाएं
  9. yeh bhut glt hai,Azamgarh me hr dursra aadmi neta hai but koi b Azamgargh ke vikas ke liye kam ni krta is bat ka muje dukh hai. main b Azamgarh ka rhne wala hu.main chata hu Azamgarh ke yuva Azamgarh ki tasvir bdle aur pura yogdan de
    Agr koi Azamgarh ko mbadnam krne ki khosis kre to iska virod kre aur ekjut rhe.... i hope and belive that we will change the future of Azamgarh. Noida aur gaziabad me hi development kyun ho rha hai up east me kyun ni ho rha ye mera question hai aap logo se jra sochiye aur kuch kariye......for Eastern up and for youth of Azamgarh

    जवाब देंहटाएं